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Top Best Cydia iPhone Apps Must Have

op 10 Best iPhone AppsGrooveshark, iRealSMS, Installous, XBMC and so much more covered inside. If you' re looking for the best ways to update your jailbroken iPhone. The Wi-Fi Sync iPhone app is now available on Cydia for $9.99, Previous post: iPad Gets Jailbreak Treatment at Best Buy with Nexus One. Phone, 3G, jailbreak, top 10, top 25, best, apps, installer, cydia. Here are some of the best apps you HAVE to jailbreak your iPhone . So while searching for Cydia apps on the internet I always stumble on the question what other tweaks / apps should I get from cydia. One of the best-known and most reliable alternate iPhone App Stores out there is called Cydia. If you've already jailbroken your phone

I'm sure you've all Jailbroken your iPhone 4, iPhone 3G or iphone 3GS now and you're looking for the best apps in the Jailbreak world. Best Cydia Apps for iPhone 2010. Jailbreaking of iPhone, requires new installation process. Cydia has a lot of cool applications in store. A few weeks ago when iPhone firmware 2.1 was released I quickly updated and VOILA! The laggy keyboard and sluggish interface from 2.0.2. Review Useful cydia Applications. Best Cydia Useful Iphone Applications Best Iphone Applications · Best Cydia Applications · Method Of Change Themes

Jailbreaking to Access Cydia Apps

After the installation of jailbreak is completed on your iPhone, you will come across two apps installer and cydia that will allow you to maneuver about in the free of cost application world. Now your iPhone can access third party apps without any expenditure since its all open source.
The application world may seem tempting and because it’s all free you might end up downloading and installing everything that comes by your way. That’s not a rational thing to do. Just keep in mind that your handset has a powerful but yet limited memory and you can not optimize your apps collection by downloading everything.
The top three applications available in the Cydia market are as follows:


Open SSH for Wireless File Sharing

“Open SSH” may be new tem for you sp let me start from what it is? Open SSH works with WinSCP or an equivalent Mac software and provides a means of sharing files between your PC and iPhone without the inconvenience of connecting the two devices and transferring files. It creates a wireless communication medium for directly sharing files, tools and applications from your PC to your handset or vice versa.

Winterboard and Summerboard

Winterboard and Summerboard can be defined as two applications that revitalize the user interface of your device by offering alternative styles for the background and icons. Another interesting feature that makes it more convenient too is that you can go for partial customization and only change the look and settings up to the extent you are comfortable with. jailbreak 101: must have cydia apps after you jailbreak your iPhone / iPad. so you've done it seeing cydia app on your iPad / iPhone makes Iphone open the all features.

Emulating NES ROMS with Cydia

The boom in technology has lead to a wide myriad of emulations. It comes to no surprise that powerful soft wares are taking over the hard ware market with virtual forms of everything whether it is your paper notepad or a keyboard. NES ROMS is an emulation of one of the greatest game saga of all time, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). So, for those of you that miss the classic Nintendo games here is your chance. You can play the old festive Mario and Zelda with advanced controls and high definition graphics.

No longer will pop-ups intrude your apps only to have you switch back to the iPhone. Jailbreak cydia applications compatible with iPhone 4, you must have. The Wi-Fi Sync iPhone app is now available on Cydia for $9.99 My 20 Must-Have Cydia Apps & Tweaks for iPhone. by Federico Viticci. Until 2 days ago I was running iOS 4.2 beta on my iPhone 4.

If you looking to add something extra to your Apple products which run on iPhone Operating System, the compilation of must have Cydia appsCurrently I have spoof3G, cycorder, and MIM. What other apps are some must haves ? Get help with your iPhone or iPad from our community of experts. Must have cydia apps. As some of u know I just jb my phone.

Best Cydia Apps: The Cool Apps for Your iPhone to Download and  Have you jailbroken your iPhone lately? Want to know how exactly it is that. Here are our picks for the top three Cydia apps you simply must have on your iPhone


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