Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Mothers

iPhone Apps for Designers and DevelopersTop 10 Best Android Apps for Mom ? Now, an android phone can become a mom’s best friend. Motherhood is very demanding and requires both physical and mental strength and attention. Keeping in view the responsibilities and busy schedule of mothers, android developers have come up with certain applications that can make your life easy and manageable. Top 10 Best Android Apps for Mothers . Best Android Apps. Trouble finding the best Android apps? Search for the top Google phone applications for your HTC, G1 and G2 phones

1. Our Groceries

Now it’s fun managing groceries from your android phones. You can create lists and add items onto them. Also you can synchronize your phone with your husband’s and children. Instant updates are available saving time from additional phone calls or text messages. Another attractive feature is that you can add your favourite daily receipe and the application will automatically create a list with the ingredients

2. Shop Savvy

Enter the list, worked as a clerk in a virtual demand Android, and most applications. The only function of the product to scan bar that appears at a store near perfect and the price comparison or camera phone is easy. Using another feature of the application can be integrated GPRS easy route to get to the store nearest low-cost system through a mobile phone. Shop now and save into the list.

3. My Coupons

Now save your time by carrying virtual coupans in your android phone. The mother just has to present it to the cashier and the work is done.

4. White Noise Lite

Now there’s more than a lullaby for your baby.  Through White Noise Lite application, you can choose between ten different sounds (40 for upgraded version), which will be a charm for your baby. It includes realistic sounds such as waterfall, rain, train, beachwaves, crickets and more, ensuring complete relaxation before a sweet sound sleep.

5. Days

Ideal applications for women, the period can be controlled ovulation. Just “the beginning of the period is marked yen tap. In this application, the next period will be displayed in the graphical presentation is provided of the date of ovulation and fertility. Information is also important can be added as time was taken such drugs. If a backup, you can send the results to your personal email address.

6. Doodle Kids

Doodle Kids allows you and your children to create colourful drawings and patterns and save them in the phone’s internal memory. You can choose between different colours, brushes, backgrounds and create different art work. Photos can also be edited from phone’s library. Doodle Kids is favourite among children and is demanded.

7.  Local Search

Now finding a local store is fast and easy. You just have to enter the name and the results would be displayed. Search criteria is either by distance or ratings. You can search from cafe to a drug store from the Fast Local Search application.

8.  Recipes

Save time and trouble from Healthy Recipes application. You can get around 1000 recipes with methods and ingredients along with relevant details such cooking time and nutrition facts.

9.  Days Until

With so much responsibilities and busy schedule, Days Until is a helpful application for mothers. Mark important dates and days to remember bills, birthdays, appointments etc. The application will notify you thus keeping you updated.

10.   Facebook

This application gives you a time for yourself. Log in to your account and check emails, get notifications and newsfeed etc without turning your pc on. You can have a peaceful time with this application.

Best Android Apps. Trouble finding the best Android apps? Search for the top Google phone applications for your HTC, G1 and G2 phones


Maneesh on February 24, 2011 at 1:37 PM said...

Thanks for this post. Android applications make my HTC desire a mini computer. When I am away from my computer it is capable of doing everything.

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