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10 Best Fonts for Pairing With Logo


Best Fonts for Pairing With Logo. Are you a designer looking for nice fonts to design high quality logos and pairing it with typeface fonts? Take a look at these 10 Best free fonts you might use to design impressive logos for your customers. This Best Fonts collection includes Unit Rounded Bold, Helvetica Neue, Qlassik, Punk's not dead, Chica Monospace, Kyra Lynn, Nicotine, Light Out, Anja Eliane and Danube.
The importance of typography in design can’t be overestimated. The accuracy, precision and balance of geometric forms can give letters the elegance and sharpness they deserve. Besides, elegant fonts can help to convey the message in a more convenient way. In fact, while there are many excellent professional fonts (we’ve presented some of them in our article Eye-catchy Free Fonts Inspired by Movies ) there are literally thousands of free low-quality fonts which you would never use for professional designs.

1. Unit Rounded Bold (download)
A rounded font to design Facebook-like logos.
2. Helvetica Neue
Helvetica Neue is absolutely the font I prefer in this collection. Clean and professional:
3. Qlassik (download)
Another font I like very much:
4. Punk's not dead (download)
Punk's not dead is "dirty" font to design grunge logos:
5. Chica Monospace (download)
A font with an optimal legibility and an elegant style:
6. Kyra Lynn (download)
Kyra Lynn is another "dirty" font for grunge logos:
7. Nicotine (download)
A bold font for big logos:
8. Light Out (download)
9. Anja Eliane (download
Anja Eliane is a bold rounded box. Best result in medium-big size.
10. Danube (download)
A courious font for modern logo design.
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Eye-catchy Free Fonts Inspired by Movies


download_free_font Eye-catchy Free Fonts Inspired by Movies. A High-quality collection of the best free movie fonts is offered below for you to make the most of your bright and brave creative ideas. Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Terminator, Pirates of the Caribbean – this is only a fraction of a large galaxy of movies, which have become blockbusters and inspired many artists to mimic the peculiar styles in their spheres of art.
Naturally, typography has also generated many computer fonts, inspired by popular movies. Even a brief glance to the text, printed with some movie font, is enough to understand what movie it refers to.
Pokemon Solid Normal
Font Details Download Font

28 Days Later
Font Details Download Font

Font Details Download Font

Caribbean Regular
Font Details Download Font

Jurassic Park
Font Details Download Font

Turtles Normal
Font Details Download Font

Font Details Download Font

Burton’s Nightmare 2000
Font Details Download Font

Harry Potter
Font Details Download Font

Resident Evil
Font Details Download Font

Walt Disney Script
Font Details Download Font

Terminator Real NFI
Font Details Download Font

Font Details Download Font

Evil Of Frankenstein
Font Details Download Font

007 GoldenEye
Font Details Download Font

The Sixth Sense
Font Details Download Font

Van Helsing
Font Details Download Font

Font Details Download Font

Sin City
Font Details Download Font
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7 Best Sites for Finding Freelancing Jobs Online


freelancer 7 Best Sites for Finding Freelancing Jobs Online with the latest news reports indicate there have been over 600,000 jobs lost in the United States in this current recession. Because of this, many people are considering reelancing/contracting who wouldn’t have done so in the past.

Being a freelancer can be extremely advantageous and it is probably a dream for many designers and developers. Not only you get to choose the job you are really interested in, you also have total flexibility in terms of time, whom you want to work with and where you want to work at. The question arises, then, what are the best freelancing websites online?

Here is a list of five of the best freelancing sites with minor or no scam :

1. Commarts: Enter the most prestigious competition for creativity in graphic design, the Communication Arts Design Competition. Any design project printed, published or aired for the first time within the last twelve months prior to the deadline is eligible. Selected by a jury of leading design professionals, the winning entries will be distributed worldwide in the Communication Arts Design Annual and on, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work.

2. JournalismJobs: This site lists freelance writing jobs, internships, fellowships, and awards/contests. The jobs available cover a wide variety of categories, including magazines/newspapers, sales/marketing, finance, technology, public resources, human resources, etc. It also includes a variety of resources on media ethics, media ownership, research tools, and career advice. Jobs are searchable by keyword, location, or category. Freelancers can post resumes on the site for free.

3. Freelance Switch: The Freelance Switch Job Board lists freelance jobs in design, writing, illustration, web site development, etc. This is a free service. The site also provides additional services and resources other than job listings. Once a freelancer signs up on the site, a confirmation e-mail is sent. They have to click the link in the e-mail in order to validate the account and use the full services of the site. Signing up for the site allows freelancers to subscribe to the job board to have leads sent to their e-mail.

4. Rentacoder: Since its inception in 2004, this online marketplace truly embarked a revolution in the way world works. It’s win-win approach for both service providers and employers with meaningful work as well as top-flight talent, makes it an asset for both parties. Average size of a job here is $5,000. On the front page of Rentacoder, there is a box with scrolling leads ranging from Paypal integration to WordPress plugins, pivot table macros, and more. Freelancers can click on the “login” link in the bottom left corner of the home page, then “create your free account” above the log-in box on the next page. After signing up, the site will send a temporary password, which has to be changed immediately.

5. oDesk: oDesk could have opportunities for some of the best freelancing jobs. Their job opportunities include accounting, web design, writing, administrative assistant, data entry, etc. Signing up on oDesk as a provider (freelancer) is free. Only buyers pay a fee. All freelancers, regardless of area of expertise, must pass the oDesk readiness test before they can apply for jobs. One benefit to oDesk is that if they encounter a deadbeat buyer, they will go after the bad debt instead of the freelancer dealing with it. Hourly jobs are guaranteed so the freelancer will be paid if they work within the oDesk system (downloaded software).

6. Freelance Writing Jobs: This site is dedicated to freelance writers and bloggers. It started as a blog on Blogger and grew, eventually moving to being its own network of blogs. One of the other blogs on the network offers tips and advice for finding freelance jobs online. Leads come from a variety of places including, Craigslist, MediaBistro,, etc. This is a free service.

7. Smashing Job: A great thing about posting your job at this site is that the jobs listed here are soon featured among one of the top 20 blogs of the world. This is again a nice job portal to find programming and designing jobs, besides all others.

These are not all of the freelancing job sites available, but they do provide good starting points for finding freelance jobs online. Many sites require freelancers to pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis. This does not mean they are any better or worse than free sites. A caveat applies, however. There are some scam sites that mimic URLs of some of the best freelancing sites and even use wording taken directly from some of the best freelance job ads. All sites should be checked against a watchdog site, such as Preditors & Editors for writing and publishing, to see if there has been any scamming or spamming activity reported.

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