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Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Travelers

op 10 Best iPhone AppsThe application offers the iPhone users with an exciting feature that considerable reduces their stress as they are regularly updated about regular article writer for Best Iphone Apps at Apps First . Apple's iPhone is the one of the best and popular device on the globe. ... Tagged as: apps, apps for travelers, iphone app, top 10 apps. We picks the most useful apps for travellers. Top 10 travel apps . How has the iPhone changed the way we travel?These are the best two: a simple map that makes life a little easier, or an all-singing Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Applications for Travelers accesses maps and directions, searches for hotel options best-suited for you

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money” by Susan Heller very true but this was said back in the day when iPhone/iPad w, but now a little addition can be made to it. Gone are the days when friends were the best companion for the trip! Now friends are out iPhone/iPad is in, your friends and companion for life. With their developing applications traveling has taken a new turn now your iPhone/iPad becomes your best pals, your travel agent, your personal assistant and guide while you are on the go, shifting between places to places country to country. This slick piece of technology knows it all and guides you around too! Below are the 10 best iphone apps for travelers! Some of them come free while others are being sold for peanuts! They are a must get!!


1. Gate Maps

New to city and don’t know how to find your terminal? No worries let gate map locate it for you. It will locate your terminal and show you a visual to guide you.

2. Next Flight

You finish meeting earlier than expected and you want to rush back home but don’t know when the next flight is? Don’t panic and take your iPhone/iPad and let Next Flight find it all for you! How can  Perfect for those stuck on a layover or looking to catch an earlier flight, Next Flight tracks departures worldwide from over 4,000 airports and 1,000 airlines.

3. Flight Track Pro

An amazing application which tells you all those tiny details of your itinerary from flight status to weather update to route and other travel information which you may require.

4. Currency

Now convert over 90 different currencies through this application just at the swipe of your fingers with an accurate conversion rate.

5. Postman

Do it the old way, take a snap of the place you like most while traveling make a post card and send it to your loved ones through email, Facebook etc.

6. Sit or Squat

A very helpful application in dire situations in an unknown area! Now answer the call when the nature calls, just open sit or squat and locate the nearest washroom and release yourself!

7. Local Eats

If you are traveling in U.S and don’t know where to dine in for great food then this application would do it all for you. It will give you top 100 ranked restaurants in 50 U.S cities.

8. Flashlight

Now with this application turn your iPhone/iPad into flashlight and locate or search under its bright light.

9. The Weather Channel

With Weather Channel plan your travel clothing according to the weather of that country/city! Or just simply stay updated with your city’s weather.

10. Wi-Fi Finder

An ideal application if you are a web geek! It locates free spots where you can use WIFI for free, it knows over 200,000 spots in 135 countries. How amazing is that my personal favorite application in iPhone.

The 10 Best Free iPhone Apps For Business Travelers  TOP VIRAL VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: People Love Trick Shots And Christina Aguilera Falling. Top 13 IPhone Apps For Travelers Which are the best IPhone applications for those on the go?


Elias on February 25, 2011 at 4:06 AM said...

What a great list! One I really enjoy for my downtime on vacation is the TV Everywhere app from DISH Network. I'm a DISH customer/employee so I've been using it since it came out. I always tend to do a ton of activities and sight seeing while I travel, but I also like to make sure I make time to just relax recharge my batteries at the end of the day, and TV Everywhere is perfect for this. I can watch my DVR'd shows or even watch live TV from home, like my local news.

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