Monday, February 21, 2011

Best Android Apps for Business

Top 10 Best GadgetsThe Android Market has more than 150000 apps according to recent statements from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. Discovering the best apps among the crowded. Have you decked out your Droid with business apps yet? If not, take heed: Google Android phones still have a ways to go in terms of business. Here are the results for 101 Best Android Apps in Business on 101 Best Android Apps. Vote for your favourite applications. Here's a list of useful apps for phones that run on Google's mobile platform. Best Apps -The absolute 1000 best apps for iPhone, Android Android Education Apps · Androids Business Apps · Androids Communication Apps

ASTRO File Manager (beta)

It is one of the best android app for business. This app is very useful to handle files and you can say best file manager app. Its so amazing it must be built into Android CMS core. More features are generating thumbnails for pictures and sorting everything (including your memory card). It also allows you to share, delete, move, and search your files. Perhaps the most interesting feature, although the ability to plug into the network, access your data anywhere and leave / retrieve files. I question how safe, though (especially because of its beta status). Great for storing and managing your company files on the go. This app available without any cost.



It is also another best android app for business. Through this app you can access your PayPal account. Sessions time out quickly, which is good to know because I do not want anyone to send money to my account. I’m totally confused as to why, maybe a security hole or something: Although this is a great, if you run a small business and want you to look through your PayPal account. I’m not sure how much I trust myself to get into extensive detail on the keyboard of my phone pokramarmin taking into account how many typos appear in the middle of text messages. Sending money to someone, you could extra zero literally bankrupt you.


Best Android apps Illustration by Otto SteiningerHere are the top productivity tools, .... Replacing it can open unlimited business opportunities. IF you are on the road at a social media event, be sure to have these top 10 Android apps for business loaded on your Droid. What Are the Best Android Apps? - AOL Small Business | The iPhone may generate all the buzz, Android-powered phones continue to outsell it. Whether you're running the next great business pitch from your phone 10 of the best and most useful apps for your Android smartphone


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