Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Android 2.1 Smartphone

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Android 2.1 SmartphoneThe HTC Hero has already made waves in the market with its varied offers in just one cell phone taking personalization to next level, which no has yet offered. It just isn’t a phone it can serve as personal guide if you are on vacation, an office assistant when working, a personal assistant for juggling daily activities on time. In short, a very smart phone serving all the purposes. This android phone will be getting its Android 2.1 update which is going to add up more value to its already existing features. Some of the excited features being offered in the new OS update are.

1. Voice controls:

Now step into the technology and control your phone with your voice. The implementation of this feature is massive, now all you have to do is demand it with your voice and let your android do it all for you; from writing emails to sms, to sending tweets to what not? Now let your android play genie for you and take all your wishes as its commands and obey them! How amazing is that?

2. Google Earth:

Traveling never had been so fun and static! Now just be sitting in one place you can travel the world! From cities to roads to borders, travel and search it all on your android google earth. Experience the same 3d imagery which you do at your computer! Now travel around the world in just 60 mins! Or make the journey shorter just fly through the air around the world in 60 secs just like Aladdin and Jasmine did.

3. Phonebook:

Now get all your contacts stored in one place! Let it be from your phonebook or your facebook contact list or any other source. Now have it all in one place for much quicker access.

4. Email:

Now have more than one gmail accounts and keep them working from one inbox without separating accounts, this feature surely is a blessing in disguise, now you can keep your personal and other accounts separate but yet work them both from same inbox!

5. Weather App:

With the rise of global warming the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable it is shining one minute and pouring the next. Now make the weather your friend and pre predict its mood and go accordingly with this cool application which keeps you updated on minute to minute account of the temperature and weather conditions in the present locality.

6. Interactive wallpapers:

Wallpapers may not be a very important feature but surely they are the most viewed thing on the cell phone. So why not make it interesting? Android 2.1 takes care of it by introducing interactive wallpapers which lets you interact and play around with your wallpaper.

7. Homescreens:

Five homescreens now come with Android 2.1 which means you can shove in more applications and widgets from the varied collection on the Android market.

8. Photo gallery:

Now keep a perfectly arranged album gathered by time, date and location and look through them on a 3D wall and relive those moments!

9. App Launcher:

Gone are the drag and pull days, now its time to hit a button and let everything whoosh into place all by itself!.

10. Firmware upgrade:

Few fortunate android users will be able to avail the new firmware feature by upgrading the existing devices to 2.1.


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