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Getting started with your Nintendo Wii

Getting started with your Nintendo WiiTrack down the controllers you'll need and the games to start with The Nintendo Wii was first released for sale in November 2006. In January 2011, the Wii was the best-selling console of its generation, beating out the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to be the top console available. Of course, the Wii does more than just play video games. It can help you stay up to date on the weather and the news. The Wii can even stream movies to your living room through its built-in Netflix service.

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If you're new to the Nintendo Wii, you might have some initial questions. How do you set it up? How many controllers do you need? Where do you get games? If those questions sound familiar, don't worry. We're here to help finding your mate gadget.

Setting up your Wii
The first thing you'll want to do when you get your Wii is set up your Wii in its stand. The plastic stand is made up of a boxy piece and a circle and should easily slide together. Plug in the wires according to how your home television system is set up and connect the sensor bar. You can place the sensor bar either below or above your television, using the included adhesive strip to help hold it in place.

Your Wii controller takes two AA batteries that pop into the back. When you start using the controller, make sure the Wii strap is firmly connected to your wrist. The news has reported many horror stories of people losing grip on their controllers as they play vigorously with their Wiis, sending the controllers flying through their television screens. So it's fairly important to make sure the controller strap is solid.

The remote controller that comes with your Wii should already be paired (or synchronized) with your console. If it's not, press the red button on the front of your Wii console, and then press the red button on the back of your Wii controller. The blue light on your controller should blink briefly, enabling you to use your Wii.

The first time you activate your Wii, the system will perform an automatic update and ask you for some basic information.

Getting started with your Nintendo WiiMake your Mii
Once you get fully into your Wii menu, you'll want to create a Mii right away. The Mii is an avatar version of you, but there's nothing saying it has to look like you. You can customize the height and width of your Mii and most of its features. You can also create more than one Mii, populating your own little Mii village inside the Wii.

The Mii is used for games like Wii Fit, where the Mii stands in for you during the game's action. In Wii Sports, for example, your own actions control how well the Mii plays the game at hand.

Choose your controllers
Most Wii bundles come with a single Wii Remote, which is the official name for the Wii's controller. However, the great thing about a Wii is that you can play it with friends. You should decide if you're likely to play the game with a single friend or with a group, so that you can get the appropriate number of controllers. You will definitely want Nunchuk Controllers to go along with your main controllers. Not all games use the Nunchuk, but a lot of the best games do.

The Wii Balance Board goes along with the Wii Fit, which makes your Wii game system a fun way to stay in shape. If you want to use your Wii to help supplement your fitness regimen, then you should definitely consider picking up this additional accessory. You should also check out our list of 3 Wii accessories you can't live without for a few more ideas of some great Wii additions.

Getting started with your Nintendo Wii

Get a few great games
The standard Wii comes bundled with Wii Sports. If you want the quintessential Nintendo Wii experience, there are a few games you should definitely check out first. If you've ever played any of the Mario Brothers titles before, then you should definitely check out New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Mario Kart Wii is definitely a great party game and a lot of fun to play even by yourself.

Play with it
The most important thing to do as soon as you get a Wii is just to play with it. The Wii gaming experience is unlike any other. There's nothing like the experience of waving your Wii controller and scoring points, winning games, and generally having a great time. In addition, there are many games that exist only on the Wii. The best thing you can do to get started is to stick a game in the Wii and start playing.

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