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Getting started with your new iPhone

Getting started with your new iPhoneNew Android phone? Use these simple tips to get up and running with your shiny new deviceWhether you got your iPhone as a gift or finally bought one for yourself, the iPhone can be a fantastic and amazing gadget to carry with you. Getting started with your iPhone is easy to do. Most audio interfaces come with decent preamps and converters, This week, I' ll post my feature of my top five picks from NAMM 2011 and I'd love to Mixing Your Music · Learning Pro Tools · Now is the time to give some love to your favorite gadgets and home entertainment gear by iPhone.

Navigating the iPhone
The large circular button near the bottom of the iPhone is your Home button. No matter what screen or menu you are using on the iPhone, the Home button will bring you back to the main screen.

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Getting started with your new iPhone

The button at the top of your iPhone is the On/Off button, which you can tap to put your phone to sleep until you get a call or until you press the Home button. Once that happens, the iPhone instantly wakes up. To power down your phone altogether, press the On/Off button and hold it down for several seconds.

You can page through your apps and options by swiping your finger across the screen. If you press one of the icons on your iPhone, you will activate that option or app.

Getting started with your new iPhoneMeet your new friend: iTunes
If your computer doesn't already have iTunes installed, visit Apple's websiteand download the software. iTunes is the chief control mechanism for communication between your computer and your new iPhone. You use iTunes to determine which music, videos, and pictures are loaded onto your iPhone. Even more importantly, iTunes allows you to back up your important data from your iPhone, just in case something horrible happens.

The first time you plug your iPhone into your computer, iTunes will automatically load and check the software version your phone is using. If a newer version of the iPhone software is available, iTunes will back up your phone, download the update, and install it for you. iTunes will guide you through the setup, letting you do things like name your phone. For example, mine is simply "Michael's iPhone."

Add stuff to your iPhone
Once you've got your iPhone set up to work with iTunes, your device's new name will appear as an option on the left sidebar of iTunes. Select your iPhone by clicking on that sidebar item, which will bring you to the main iPhone window on your computer. From here, you'll be able to determine which apps, ringtones, music, movies, and other data get synced to your iPhone. Since the iPhone's storage space isn't nearly as large as your computer's, you'll have to be somewhat selective.

There are two ways to control what music is loaded to your phone. By clicking Music from the main iPhone menu in iTunes, you'll be able to select options like Playlists and Artists. These options will load all the songs associated with those selections. Second, you can check or uncheck songs under your main iTunes music library.

Syncing other media like movies and TV shows works very similarly. iTunes is a fairly intuitive program, so you shouldn't have much trouble loading media on your phone.

Apps are it
The really cool thing about an iPhone is its ability to run small programs called apps. You can purchase these apps through the App Store either in iTunes or on the iPhone itself. In both places, you can check out the description of the app, the price of the app, and read reviews before you buy it.

Apps are grouped in the App Store according to general categories like Games or Productivity. Don't worry about buying an app by accident; both your phone and iTunes will prompt you for a password before you actually spend any money on an app, making sure you know you're about to make a purchase.

Getting started with your new iPhoneGet to the internet
You can use your iPhone to connect to the internet through its cell phone carrier. However, if you want faster speed and would like to save money on your data plan, you can connect to the internet through the wireless network in your home. The first time your iPhone detects a wireless network, you'll get a pop-up menu guiding you through how to set it up on your iPhone.  If you later decide you'd like to remove a network from your iPhone's history, you can access that option through the Settings menu. 

You will still be able to place calls normally through your 3G connection even while using the internet this way.

Set up your email
The iPhone has an incredibly useful email app already built into it. To set up email on your iPhone, select Settings on your home screen. If you've already added other apps to your iPhone, you may need to scroll around a tad to find it. In the Settings menu, you'll see an option called "Mail, Contacts, Calendars." Choose that option and then select Add Account. Choose what kind of email account you're adding and then enter the username and password for your email account.

Now, when you select the Mail icon at the bottom of your iPhone, you can easily reach your email.

The iPhone is easy to set up and get using. These simple things will make your experience faster right from the start. Enjoy your new phone!

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