Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting started with video editing

Getting started with your Android phoneGetting started with video editing in fastest and right way. Basic tips to help you edit great videos. A little bit of editing can dramatically improve the quality of a video you've recorded with your camcorder. There are quite a few different video editing programs available on the market, each with its own unique features. No matter what editing program you're using, there are a few general editing rules you can follow to have a great finished product every time.

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Listen up. If you can' t see or hear something in your video, do something about it. No one is going to want to watch a black screen, just as no one is going to want to watch a video of a choral concert when they can't hear anything. Most video editors have some sort of video and audio filter options to help you correct any issues that may have occurred when you originally recorded your video. Consult the manual for the program you're using to see what's available for you. If you can't correct a huge audio or video issue, then remove that portion of the video from your final product.

ep 300px finalCut it out. Just like you'll want to cut out portions of your video with poor video or audio quality, you'll also want to remove any video that is just plain boring. For instance, if you're recording a choral concert at your child's school, you may want to remove some of the video between songs or while different classes are setting up. Give your video a professional quality by replacing the dead space with a second of black, and have each song dissolve at the end into the black, fading up into the next tune.

Keep it simple. Sure, that star wipe in your video editor is pretty awesome, but it's going to lose its sparkle pretty quickly if you use it excessively. Try to only use transitions such as wipes, dissolves, and fades every now and then, rather than putting one between every single shot.

Avoid jumping. A jump cut is when you edit a shot containing a subject directly next to a shot with the subject in a completely different place — for instance, cutting together a shot of your dad sitting on the couch talking directly beside a shot of him sitting at the piano. Jump cuts can make your video disorienting and confusing to viewers. Try to put a shot of something different between two shots of the same subject. Editing together two similar scenes can also be an excellent opportunity to use a fancy transition such as a wipe or fade.

Keep it short and sweet. The attention span of many video viewers today is fairly short. Try to make your finished product as short and simple as possible in order to keep the attention of your viewers. For events like birthday parties, family gatherings, and graduations, you may want to try and create a music video with your footage of the event to share with others rather than create a full-length flick. Create a music video by picking a tune and placing it on the audio line of your video editor. Lay important clips on the video line for the length of the song in order to crate an easy-to-watch video to share with friends or upload to the web.

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