Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tom's Top 5: Most wanted products

What gadgets are you lusting after according to We asked them to turn over the innermost secrets of their database so we could get a peek at what gadgets are your burning desires. Turns out phones. But which phones? And what are the exceptions?  This week's most popular products added to CNET members' Want It lists. This week's list includes the Netflix Player by Roku, EchoStar TR40,

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Tom's Top 5. I'm very happy to be joining up with Revision 3 for a weekly countdown of all topics great and geeky. Expect a lot of tech product countdowns, some scifi countdowns and just plain off the wall weird lists.

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This week is the first of what I hope to be many collaborations with GDGT is a website where folks can mark what gadgets they have and what gadgets they want in an effort to keep track of all this tech madness and make sure we're all achieving our techie dreams.

So I asked the fine GDGT folks to give me a little peek into what tech people are most softening marking as "want" in their GDGT lists. Turns out it's mostly phones. No big surprise there. But you'll have to watch to see just which phones they are!

And don't forget to head into the Top 5 forums to answer the stupid trivia question for a chance to win the Belmont-touched iPhone case!

Got an idea for a Top 5? Tell it to us in the forums or send me a reply on twitter to acedtect.

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This week's most popular products added to CNET members' Want It lists. This week's list includes the Netflix Player by Roku, EchoStar TR40,Tom's Top 5, 27, Top 5 Most Wanted Gadgets of 2010, 04:53. Tom's Top 5, 26, Top 5 Best Holiday Gifts, 04:14. Tom's Top 5, 25, Top 5 InternetTom's Top 5: Tom's Top 5: Most Wanted Gadgets for October
Over 10 million download our Windows Gadget. Most Wanted and Popular Windows Gadget All Free.10 most wanted Christmas gadgets for college students. Taylor Draude, | Tue 26th Oct 2010, 10:32 pm. #flip-camcorder #htc-evo-4g #ihome-ip49The Most Wanted 2010 Holiday Gadgets: Consumer Electronics First up, the 10 most desired electronics items this holiday season:The Xbox Kinect, iPad tablet PCs and the iPhone-Droid smartphones top the most-wanted list for the holiday season.iphone 4 front side view What's The Most Wanted Gadgets For Christmas 2010?.. I have to admit that with this article I am breaking a rule of
Tom Merritt, of CNET & TWiT fame, has just launched a new show with Revision3. In this episode Tom reveals the gizmos readers areUsher in the Year of the Rabbit with your favourite gadgets. Capture special moments with a new digital camera, connect with your loved ones on a smart
The hottest holiday gift in what's shaping up as a big year for consumer electronics [caption id= Apple gadgets have replaced the traditional dolls and cars as A breakdown of the top 10 most wanted toys for this Christmas among
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