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Getting started on Facebook

Getting started on FacebookFacebook isn't just for kids anymore  Facebook is quickly becoming how many people, particularly young adults, communicate with one another. The site allows you to keep friends up to date on what you've been up to, show off pictures you've taken, or invite people to an event, as well as comment on what your friends are saying and doing too. Originally developed as a way for college students to communicate with classmates, Facebook later opened to the public. Once it did, adults flocked to the site not only to keep up with their current friends, but also to reconnect with friends and classmates from years past.

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Getting started using Facebook is simple to do.

Getting started on Facebook 
Quick, easy registration
The first step in using Facebook is registering for an account. You'll find a link to create a new account on theFacebook home page ( Fill out the required fields with your name and email address in order to get started. If you want your friends and family to be able to find you on the site, it is probably in your best interest to use your real name and primary email address when signing up.

Class photo time

You'll definitely want to upload a photo to use as your Facebook profile picture. This picture will show up on your profile page and be visible when people search for you. If you have a common name such as Bob Smith, your profile picture can help people figure out whether or not you're the Bob Smith they're looking for. 

During the profile setup process, you'll be given the option to upload a picture. After your profile is created, you can upload more profile pictures, as well as pictures of your vacations, pets, or anything else by clicking the Photos tab on your profile page and then selecting Create a Photo Album. 

Make new friends
Facebook is almost entirely pointless if you don't have any friends on the site. "Friending" someone on Facebook acknowledges that you know that person and are willing to share some of your life with them. The status updates for those you friend on Facebook will show up in your News Feed; those people will be able to see your status updates and things you upload, just as you will be able to see theirs. 

Obviously, you don't want to friend people you don't want knowing anything about you. If there is a group of folks for whom you'd prefer to limit or restrict access to what you've got on the site, set that up in the privacy settings. We'll talk about that a little later on.

Getting started on FacebookStatus symbol
A status update is a way of letting your friends know what you're up to or what you're thinking about. Typically around a sentence long, a status update can be something as simple as "Wow, it's cold outside today!" or something longer such as "Planning a trip to the Bahamas this summer, does anyone have any travel suggestions?" You can say or ask anything in your status update, and it will show up in your friends' News Feeds for them to respond to.

Keep up on the news
When you log in to Facebook, you will be instantly taken to a News Feed page listing all of the latest updates by your friends. If you see something you'd like to respond to, you can click the blue Comment below their update in order to respond to their post. That comment will then show up below your friend's post, allowing the folks who see the original post to see your reply. 

If you want to check up on a specific friend, click on their name in your News Feed to go to their profile page, or type their name in the search box at the top of the screen to pull up their profile and see only their updates.

Be Like-able
One thing that happens a lot on Facebook is "Liking" something. Liking is similar to expressing verbal approval (or giving a high five, a thumbs-up, or laughing at someone's joke). You're letting that person know that you enjoyed (or agreed with) what they shared that particular post with you. 

To Like a post, simply click the blue Like below it. This will display a thumbs-up icon below the update with your name, as well as that of anyone else who has also Liked it. You can also Like certain pages or things on Facebook, letting others know what some of your interests are. For instance, you might Like bacon, the Rolling Stones, or even us!

Private lives
Depending who you friend on Facebook, you may or may not want to let everyone see everything that you post on the site. Clicking the Account button on the top right of the screen and then selecting Privacy Settings from the options will take you to a page where you can customize what information people are able to see about you. At the very least, you may want to restrict some things (such as your pictures) so that only your friends can see them. Privacy settings can be adjusted for large groups of people or even for just single person. For instance, if you don't want your children to see pictures from your trip to the Bahamas, you can block them from being able to do so. 

This article by the Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a lot of great information about Facebook's privacy settings and how to set them up.

These are some of the basics to get you started using Facebook. Once you get some friends and start using it, you'll quickly discover more site features such as games, videos, and questions! We'll talk about these in a later article — but in the meantime, try not to get too addicted.

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