Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Must have iPhone Apps for Businessmen

Top 10 Best iPhone AppsNow iPhone has become the need of all business men and even more after the RIM’s BlackBerry services issue in India. Though the phone comes with a lot of features and custom care services, still there’s always something or the other thing to satisfy the demand of people. Thanks to iPhone’s app store, which has so many apps that can help to satisfy them. Last time while talking about iPhone on Extreme Trix, we shared about Powwownow, an app, which can help you to do free video conferencing on your phone. Well, that post created a craze among iPhone users so, we thought to share a complete list of the best iPhone apps for a business man and here are they :


Now you don’t need to visit a consulting company or whatever they call them! To know whether something is good for your business or not or what should you do to get a better PR? Everything’s a click away after installing this app, moreover you could even get some business intelligence ideas from it.Must have iPhone Apps for Businessmen

FTP on the GO

Do you own a website or blog or are you a Web Designer? If yes, then it’s a must have application for you. As anything can happen anytime to your website when you are on go, the web site may get broken, you could fix it, but you aren’t at your desk, then what would you do? As this app has all features as a Desktop FTP client has so, can help you.

Air Sharing

Tired carrying those bulky hard drives with you to keep your data safe and always with you? I am sure being a business you would have. Now the technology has changed and even time too! Get a copy of this app from iStore and get access to all your files from your Hard Drives, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Apple’s Mobile Me and even you could view, search, read and print them!

Good Reader

Well, I am pretty sure that you being a business man have to go through various kinds of documents. Isn’t it? No need to install a special new application for each and new type of document (format). Good Reader can help you out to read, show all kinds of documents including HTML and PPT.

iTimes Sheet

the thing which a client looks in your service is that how fast can you complete a project? This application could help you a lot in time management. It is a must have for consultants, project managers, freelancers or for people who want to know what they did and how they spend their time. One of its best feature is that you can easily export data from Excel.


Do you carry some confidential data on your iPhone? You may be. Then without security, it’s quite risky to do so. Get this award winning app installed on your mobile and feel safe. You need iOS 3.1 or later to install it.

We hope that you liked the list of our application. Did we forget any? If yes, drop it down via comments, we’ll add it too!


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