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10 Valentine Gift Ideas For The Geek You Love

Latest & cool gadgets for all! Spy Gadgets, pet gadgets etc. Valentine’s Day is upon us already and it’s the last-minute for gift-buying. What have you bought for your geek? Nothing yet? Do you need last minute valentine gift ideas right now? Gift ideas that are quick to get a hold of? We’ll help you come up with something Here at ahliDesain, both the writers and readers are a fantastic combination of geeks and semi-geeks determined to find the most useful apps, tips and tricks available to all right now.

In other words, we know what geeks like. If you’re lost, looking for a great Valentine’s Day present for the geek you love, you’ll be on the right track reading the following ideas. On the other hand, if you are a geek, send this article to your partner’s best friend. When your partner realises they have no idea what to get you, they’ll turn to their best friend and all will be good.

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10 Valentine Gift Ideas For The Geek You Love

Recently, we ran a poll on the best geek presents and found out exactly how popular different geeky present ideas were around here. Most geeks are happy to receive the latest tech gadgets, handy peripherals, things from their wishlists, gift vouchers, geeky t-shirts, geeky toys, computer games, books and tech magazine subscriptions. We’ll talk you through the best ideas.last minute valentine gifts

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Also, keep in mind that many of the big online department stores can offer speedy delivery of items if you’re in the same country as the store. Look for the following ideas in a store which offers quick delivery to you!

1. iPad

Being able to play with the latest new geek toy is fun, even if it’s not entirely the specifications you would have bought for yourself. If your geek is an Apple fan, try getting them an iPad.

last minute valentine gifts

2. Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet

If your geek is not an Apple fan, try an Android-based tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. There’s plenty of other Android Tablet options, but this one is well-liked by many people and generally a safe bet.

3. Kindle

Reading eBooks is not only easy, it’s quite a popular way to read books. Even if your geek loves real books, there’s a good chance they’ll appreciate the portability of eBooks on the Kindle. Try getting them a Kindle. Also don’t forget to subscribe! or be a fan on facebook must have web rss ahli desain

4. Logitech Squeezebox

If your geek loves music, they’ll probably have more than a few online radio stations and music exploration services they love. If so, the Logitech Squeezebox (or Logitech Squeezebox Touch) is an excellent gift idea. Squeezebox has partnered with some of the biggest names in online music, including Pandora, Rhapsody, Slacker,, Soma FM and Spotify. It supports listening to Internet radio stations and even has apps for many online popular services. Plus, this crafty gadget can play music from any computer using any operating system.

valentine gift idea

5. Gimmicky USB Key

USB keys are amazingly handy devices, so most geeks wouldn’t be at all upset to get a new one – just make sure you get USB keys with at least 2GB of storage. It is however, a little boring and it’s not exactly something your geek will get excited about….unless it’s really gimmicky. Try getting some USB cufflinks that they can wear on your big Valentine’s day dinner out.

valentine gift idea

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6. Something From Your Geek’s Wishlist

Did you know you can usually search for wishlists? Head to Amazon or Thinkgeek and search for your favourite geek’s name or email address. If you do find their wishlist you will be in gift idea heaven. You can also ask them, but that ruins the surprise and takes more time. Also don’t forget to subscribe! or be a fan on facebook must have web rss ahli desain

valentine gift idea

7. Gift Vouchers

The idea of buying a gift voucher is simple, but really useful because the recipient is guaranteed to like what they choose. Plus, most of the big online retailers will let you buy a voucher online at any time of the day or night. This is the ultimate in last-minute gift ideas. Try Amazon or ThinkGeek vouchers for something easy. Some of them even have a Valentine’s Day theme in order to be more romantic.

valentine gift ideas

8. Geeky T-Shirts

There are many places to get great geeky t-shirts. Try ThinkGeek’s Interactive T-shirts,Threadless, or ahliDesain T-shirt store.

valentine gift ideas

9. Geeky Toys

If it’s a science toy or science fiction related toy, it’ll probably be a hit. Try things with extra-strong magnets or science jokes.

valentine gift ideas

10. Tech Magazine Subscription

If your geek reads tech magazines, this idea is easy. Just look for the old ones lying around and get them a subscription to that. If you want something a little different and your geek likes DIY, try the magazine Make.

last minute valentine gifts

A Few More Valentine Ideas

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