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The Most Awaited Gadget 2011

Unusual and Creative GadgetThe Most Awaited Gadget 2011- And the most wanted gadgets on digital live. This year is an exciting year for technology enthusiasts. But there are some other cool gadget guide in 2011. Anything?

The year 2011 is near to pass away leaving some valuable gadgets for us especially Apple contributed a lot by launching its some new gadgets in 2011.Here is the list of top 3 must have gadgets for 2011. It is based upon my personal choice and own selected order. You can differ with me in the order of the gadgets but can’t differ in their selection, as it is just on merit.

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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo announce next-generation portable game player in the E3 Convention, May 2010. The gadget will be equipped with 3D sail Wi-FI and cameras to capture 3D images. The gadget is priced U.S. $ 300 or about IDR 2.7 million.

RIM Playbook

Research In Motion (RIM) has finally answered the challenge IPAD by launching a new tablet. This gadget is scheduled for release in early 2011. The tablet will be priced at U.S. $ 400 or about IDR 3.6 million. RIM also has showcased this tablet in the video commercial.

Motorola Android Tablets

Google Android Bos Motorola showcased tablet that uses Android 2.3 when in conference Dive Into Mobie some time ago. Photos leaked recently showed data plan will be held by the provider Verizon.

Google Social

Google has a secret project for the fight up. Will this search engine giant subvert the dominance of Mark Zuckerberg and his friends in 2011?

Sony PSP Phone

This gadget may be too slow, but this gadget is Sony’s last chance to answer the challenge the iPhone. The gadget is expected to release next year.

HP Tablet Palm

Since HP bought Palm, Palm WebOS company is promising to kill the new tablet. According to the newspaper, the new tablet has a code name Topaz, and will release the middle of next year.

Most Wanted Gadget 2011

Most Wanted Gadget 2011

Verizon iPhone

If given the chance, 23% of iPhone users in the United States (U.S.) will switch to Verizon. According to rumors, the iPhone Verizon will release in March 2011.

iPad 2

Outlet Taiwanese DigiTimes reported Apple will sell six million iPad 2 per month when they begin to ship in spring 2011. Increased contained in these tablets is the front and rear camera, Facetime, and at a lower price.

Notebook Chrome

Google Chrome OS will be shipped on notebook Acer and Samsung’s upcoming mid-year. While this version of OS on hardware prototypes Google does not captivating, maybe the original shipment, the hardware will be more elegant, functional and cheap.

Macs Peak Light

High speed data it makes sense for Apple Mac because Mac users have a large multimedia files. However, a few years ago Apple remove this feature and replace it with something faster. This new technology is called Peak Light, with 10Gbps transfer rates. In theory, this speed is sufficient to transfer Blu-Ray in 30 seconds


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