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What’s The Most Wanted Gadgets And Most Favourite

Most Wanted Gadgets For Valentine DayWhat’s The Most Wanted Gadgets  And Most Favourite and great feature on them? IPAD, Ipod or Iphone. How about smartphone and android or blackberry phone?  These items will surely brighten any gadget lover's Valentine Day this season. No doubt anymore, tablets are the most wanted gadgets in CES 2011. This is because another similar product is cheapest than normal price. Most Wanted Revolutionary Gadgets of 2011. For technology and gadgets fans, the year of 2011 has been a great year and lots of fun and amazing feature every gadgets also the gadget apps

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Most Wanted Gadget and Tech Gifts
I have to admit that with this article I am breaking a rule of mine not to think about Christmas before December, but as the consumer lifestyle we contribute to continues to extend the festive season further into Autumn each year it’s very hard to stay separate from it… especially when it comes to gadget presents!
The most recent additions to the already significant amount of analysis as to what will be big as Christmas gift ideas for 2010 are covered by the results of a recent survey into what people in the UK are really hoping to find in their stockings (gadget-wise) this year, and it certainly makes interesting reading especially for Apple and Microsoft fans.
Conducted by the survey asked 3,000 UK consumers what their "most desirable Christmas gadgets for 2010" were and the results are definitely interesting, if perhaps a little unrealistic.

To make things interesting we’ll start from the bottom up, and in 5th place it was the ‘Sony Playstation Move’ which for those that don’t know is Sony’s motion-sensitive controller for use with the PS3 that aims to add action to a whole wealth of games much like the Wii did in Christmas’ past (in fact imagine a slightly more accurate Wii controller with a coloured ball on the end with better on-screen graphics and you’re pretty much there).
Ok, so 11% voted for the ‘Sony Move’, but what is really interesting is that less than half of that number (5%) voted for Microsoft’s controller-less take on motion-sensitive controls: the Kinect. Now there are a number of reasons for this: firstly it isn’t actually out yet, so there will be a lot less awareness about it running into the Christmas market.

Secondly it perhaps looks a little too involving for some people who would prefer the casual nature of motion sensitive controllers rather than having to put a lot of physical effort into moving around however good for you it is! It is possible of course that it will become more popular as time passes on, so we’ll have to wait to see on that one…
However the other four of the top five are a lot clearer cut with the latest TomTom Satellite Navigation system coming 4th, which is perhaps a little surprising given how many different Sat Nav options there are around, but shows how much of hold TomTom have on the market.

In a respectable third place is Amazon’s Kindle 3 which comes as no great surprise as it is a great idea that has been well put together. But the real winners in this survey are Apple who have yet again flexed their muscles over Microsoft and the rest of the competition in this area by scooping by taking 64% of the vote with the top two gadgets, and no prizes for guessing what they are.

In second place the Apple iPhone 4 took 27% of the votes, only superseded by its larger cousin the Apple iPad tablet which took over a third (37%) of the vote to emerge as ‘Most Wanted For Christmas 2010' and demonstrates quite clearly what the gadget lovers of Britain actually want this Christmas.
  1. Apple iPad
  2. Apple iPhone 4
  3. Amazon Kindle
  4. TomTom Satellite Navigation
  5. Sony Playstation Move
Duncan Jennings, co-founder of, commented: "Dominating the top spots in our poll, Apple’s products offer a multitude of functions without skimping on style. However, proving that style isn’t everything, the Xbox Kinect’s cutting-edge technology seems to be a step too far for many consumers. Whatever gadget you’re dreaming of this Christmas, has a huge range of codes and offers to help you save on everything from tech to toys."
Of course whether or not they actually get it is a different matter: the price hurdle is one that I imagine many people will fail to get over as the steep price of both the iPad and the iPhone 4 make the TomTom, Kindle and Sony Move (and even Kinect) look incredibly good value for money, and for the £699 that will get you the top end model you could instead go for 1750 pairs of socks… what a Christmas that would be!
So what do you think to these survey results? Do you agree with them, do you have a different order of your favourites or do you want something that isn’t on this list at all? Let us know in the comments section below!
Most Wanted Gadget and Tech Gifts

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