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Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets

Super Creative Healthcare GadgetsTechnology is becoming increasingly user-friendly and consumer-driven. Health Gadgets A Bit Weird But Useful Freehands Gloves. Small health gadgets are accessible to almost anyone, allowing consumers to monitor their own health. Indeed, you don’t even have to be a health care professional to monitor your own vitals, or increase the intensity of your work out.

You can use any number of creative gadgets to monitor your health, remind you to engage in healthy behaviors, and helping you know when to adjust your habits. Some of these gadgets are even quite affordable, making it possible for someone with almost any salary to use high technology to improve health. Here are 25 healthcare gadgets that can change the world — and your health.

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Overall Health Gadgets

This blog reports the latest electronic gadgets in the market. Beyond personal health monitoring, this finger-tip sized gadget could one day Personalized health is becoming a major part of our lives. With technology, it’s possible to track your overall health and wellness.
  1. Zeo Personal Sleep Coach: Looking for help getting a good night’s rest? With the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, you wear a head band that tracks your sleep and uses bedside tools to help you evaluate it. Figure out total sleep and REM sleep and other important sleep functions. Then you receive personalized assessments and tips for better, healthier sleep via email. $249 for the basic version, $349 with guided coaching that can help you increase the efficiency of your sleep even more.Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets. Buy the latest in fitness gadgets, health accessories, including digital thermometers
  2. Health Monitor MouseMouse Health Monitor: Your wireless mouse could be your health monitor. This wireless mouse is designed to monitor your heart rate and other vitals. The pulse sensor sends information to your computer wirelessly while you work. This gadget isn’t quite ready for the market yet, but it does show promise. It works with software you install on your computer. The information can be used to determine whether or not you need medical attention. For those with health risks, it can be a good way for others to keep tabs, and offer more healthcare options.
  3. Omron Blood Pressure Monitor: If you are concerned about your blood pressure, you can get a blood pressure monitor that is small and discreet. Keep track of your blood pressure, and adjust your habits with the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor. Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets It is simple to use, and considered quite reliable a good way to keep track of your blood pressure wherever you go. Available for between $40 and $100, depending on the model that you get, and the types of extra bells and whistles come with it.
  4. Human Recorder: You can wear this cool health monitor under your clothes. This recorder checks your temperature, electrocariographic signals and your movements. The information is wirelessly sent to a base and you can access the information. The battery life is good for three days. The monitor costs $331, but the monitoring costs $110. It’s a little pricier than some gadgets, but it is a good way to keep track of your vitals, if you want detailed information about how your body is performing.
  5. GlowCap SOLO: If you need help remembering to take your medication, the GlowCap SOLO can be a good choice. This is because this gadget allows you to set a timer on your medication. It plays melody to catch your attention, and also pulses. Until you take your medication, opening the cap, you GlowCapwill find that cap still pulses. This is a good way to make sure you get your medication as needed. It’s pne way to get your attention at medication time. However, you have to remember to take it with you when you travel. GlowCap SOLO is available for right around $20 to $30.
  6. Why Cry Baby Analyzer: If you are interested in getting a little more sleep with a baby in the house, you can use the Why Cry Baby Analyzer. This gadget is designed to help analyze the cries that babies make. Most experienced parents will tell you that babies have different cries when they want different things. The analyzer uses an LCD screen to display whether the problem is hunger, stress, Baby Cry Analysistiredness, boredom or annoyance. It’s great for your sleep health and your baby’s health. If you want to figure out whether your baby really needs something, you can use this monitor. It is available for about $100.
  7. Breathalyzer Keychain: If you are looking for a way to monitor your level of inebriation fromalcohol, you can use this Breathalyzer Keychain to check your alcohol level. You do need to wait five seconds. The indicators are green, yellow and red, and can help you determine whether or not you are safe to drive. It is important to note, though, that such a breathalyzer should not be completely relied upon. You can find it for between $4.00 and Breathalyzer$12.00, depending on where you buy it, and what kind of extras come with it.


If you want to check your nutrition, and make sure you are eating right, and as healthy as possible, you can use gadgets to monitor your calorie intake, and the sort of nutrition you are getting. This includes a number of gadgets that can help eat healthier. Learn to keep track of your food, and watch what you eat. Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets on These nutritional gadgets give everyone access to better nutrition.Digital Scale
  1. Digital Kitchen Scale: One of the best things you can get to monitor your nutrition is a digital kitchen scale. You can get a good model for right around $40. These scales help you figure out weight, portion sizes, and more. Some of the best features of some scales include removable trays that can be washed for hygiene. Get a small scale, and you can travel with it, making it possible to weigh out your food wherever you go. Just realize that some scales are more accurate than others.
  2. Lose It!: This is a great gadget that goes with your iPhone or iPod Touch. This application can come in handy no matter where you are. You can keep track of your calories, and you can also keep track of whether you are eating fats, carbs, and proteins. One of the best ways to have a balanced diet is to know what you are eating. Lose It! offers calorie counts for thousands of foods, including popular restaurant means. Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets os Available for free as an application for iPhone or iPod Touch.
  3. Don’t Eat That: Another iPhone app, Don’t Eat That is designed to help you keep track of what not to eat. Indeed, it can be a great way to learn what is in different foods. It allows you to know which foods have preservatives, and which arePerfect Portions the least healthy. It lets you know which foods are high in calories and fat, and clues you in on the foods that are most hazardous to your health, at the store or at the restaurant. This app isn’t free, though; it costs $1.99.
  4. Perfect Portions: One of the most difficult thins is figuring out how much food you need to prepare. This is helpful, since you can get amounts of what makes a portion size of different foods.Perfect Portions helps you know how much of each ingredient you need. And it can even help you figure out what’s healthy for one person. This is a free gadget.
  5. Calorie CountingMyNetDiary Calorie Counter: If you are looking for a gadget that works with the BlackBerry, this calorie counter can help you. It helps you keep track of the food you consumed, as well as keeping track of exercises, so you know whether or not you are offsetting your caloric intake. There are tens of thousands of food from databases in Canada, U.S. and the U.K. A great tool to take with you so that you can access the information even in restaurants.
  6. Water Your BodyWater is essential to your proper health and nutrition. You want to make sure that you are properly hydrated in order to have good health. Water Your Body will help you make sure that you are getting the proper amount of water. Make sure that you replace other, less healthy beverages, with water. This application is available for your iPhone or iPod Touch, and costs $0.99. It’s a small price to pay if you are looking to use water to help you lose weight and increase your health.


Some of the best gadgets on the market right now are related to fitness. If you want to increase your health, consider some fitness gadgets that can improve your health.
  1. Fitbit: This healthcare gadget is aimed at helping track every aspect of your fitness. It monitors your exercise and fitness, as well as keeps track of important heart rate information. On top of that, it can also help monitor your sleep so that you are better able to obtain the optimal level of sleep for your fitness level. You can even sync up the Fitbit with your PC, helping you get instant access to your health information. It is quite portable and non-cumbersome. You can where it on your pockets, or clip it some article of clothing. A great way to monitor your personal fitness. Cost: $99.
  2. BodyMedia Fit: You can wrap the BodyMedia Fit around your arm and it will keep track of your vital information. Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets. The sensors will check your cadence and respiration, as well as heart rate, to figure out how many calories you are getting and the kind of exercise you are getting. This costs around $200, and the accessories that go with it can cost more, if you want them. The information is sent to a web site that you can access to monitor your health. The subscription for this starts at $6.95 per month and goes up to $12.95, depending on the type of detail you want, and what sort of analysis you get.
  3. DirectLife: If you are interested in monitoring your health and fitness, you can get regular updates, and help adjusting your goals and lifestyle from a fitness coach. The fitness coaches get information from the device you have, and make personalized suggestions, helping you get into better shape. It works using a USB that you can plug into a PC or Mac. It costs about $100 to get the device, and then $12.50 a month in order to get fitness analysis and tips.
  4. Nike Triax Elite: Increase your fitness level with help of the Nike Triax Elite. This heart monitor helps you as you run, providing good information that is especially helpful if you are training for amarathon. Keeps track of average pace, distance traveled, and other Talking Dumbbellsinformation. Allows you to create training programs to help your fitness, as well as track your progress. This is a great device for those serious about using running as a way to improve fitness.
  5. Talking Dumbbells: You can increase your fitness level with the help of talking dumbbells. Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets. These dumbbells will count your reps and help you figure out how many calories are being burned. It will also help you figure out how long of a workout you need. Dumbbells can be adjusted by adding water, and get up to four pounds. Great for sculpting and lean muscle. A good way to add a little strength training to your fitness routine.
  6. RoadRunnerGPSRoadRunnerGPS: If you want to keep track of how much exercise you are doing, including how far you are going, and how many calories you are burning, theRoadRunnerGPS can help. This is a BlackBerry app available for $4.99. You can load up the information for viewing on your computer. It comes with mapping application that can help you plan your route, or create new programs on based on your current you route.
  7. FitSense: This speedometer is a great way to get a total picture of your workout. It is a multipart system that attaches to your shoe, and sends information to a wristwatch display. It offers a heart rate monitor as well. The display offers an overview of distance, time Wii Fitand speed, and allows you to set up multiple workouts that can be used later.
  8. Wii Fit: You can actually use video games to get better. Wii Fit can monitor your workout and help you keep track of your fitness progress. A number of programs can be run to set up an exercise program with this video game system. Available for between $100 and $350, depending on whatever else you are buying with it, and whether you need to buy a Wii.

Diabetes & Disease

One of the most common health conditions right now is diabetes. With the increase in obesity, it is no surprise that diabetes is more of a problem. DidgetAdditionally, there are other diseases. Here are some gadgets that can help you keep control of your health.
  1. Didget: This is a game for kids, to be played on the DS, aimed at helping them develop good blood glucose testing habits. Super Creative Healthcare Gadgets. The idea is to encourage kids with Type I diabetes to develop good habits early on. Kids can accrue points for doing what they should and they can unlock new levels and buy items in the game. Cost: $75 for the and meter.
  2. Seven Plus: You can wear the Seven Plus for up to a week, approved by the FDA. It alerts you to how quickly your blood glucose level is changing, and helps you manage diabetes more effectively.
  3. GlucoPhone: You can actually monitor blood glucose with your phone. This GlucoPhone allows you to monitor your blood glucose level from anywhere. It automatically records the information so you don’t have to manually. Additionally, it can be accessed by your health care provider, as well as send text messages.
  4. Re-mission: The game Re-mission is designed to encourage kids with cancer to learn habits that can help them go into remission. The game is fun one for children with cancer, and can education them and take their minds off the cancer. Studies have even shown that Re-mission helps.


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