Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unique and Creative Pizza Cutter Design

Unique and Creative Pizza Cutter Design. If you are still using the regular pizza cutter it might be the time to upgrade. Here we have some of the best pizza cutters that makes cutting and serving of pizza so simple and efficient. So which one of this is for you?

I didn't think there was much space in the way of creative pizza cutters, but this just awesome. Although I have thought of some creative uses for my pizza cutter, I hadn't thought of milling herbs. Good idea. Slice of Love Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter Wedding Favor Spices Up Any Special Occasion! When it comes to pizza cravings, for there are about 350 slices at one slice,way you slice it - these creative pizza cutter favors are the real deal.

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Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter:
Creative Pizza CutterCreative Pizza CutterIf you want precision cutting then this is for you!

Koziol Gaston Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza CutterIt looks more of a sculptural art piece.

Pizza Cutter and Spatula:

Creative Pizza CutterWhen you are done cutting, you can use it as a serving spatula.

Pizza Cutter Fork:

Creative Pizza Cutter"Slice and eat with the same utensil!"

Scizza Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza CutterIt features a flexible nylon base which easily slides between the food and tray.

Shark Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza CutterPizza Cutter Wedding Favors:

Creative Pizza CutterVersa-Cutter Retractable Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza CutterIt's an award-winning design with a unique retractable blade which is protected and kept sharp in its plastic housing while soft grip handle offers the perfect angle for applying the required pressure for a neat cut.

Pizza Cutter Scissors:

Creative Pizza CutterThis pizza cutter makes the cutting and serving really easy; it's a combination of a spatula and a pair of scissors.

Heavy Duty Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza Cutter"This heavy duty pizza cutter with three pad prints will make light work of the thickest of pizza bases!"

High Tech Pizza Cutters:

Creative Pizza CutterCreative Pizza CutterCreative Pizza CutterFankie designed these high tech designs based on chopper motorcycles.

Pizza Pro 3000:

Creative Pizza CutterCreative Pizza CutterWith this one you can work of any crust, cheese, toppings.

RSVP Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza CutterGet hold of the handle at opposite ends and use the rocking motion to get your pizza cut through quickly.

Rock and Roll Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza Cutter3-in-1 Pizza Cutter:

Creative Pizza CutterThis pizza cutter can be used to serve as well.


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