Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative Valentine Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

Creative Valentine Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend and just boyfriend. Creative Valentine's Day Gifts is not always a thing. Ideas for those in love who want to do something fun and special for their partner. Although it shouldn’t be, Valentine’s Day tends to be the one day a year people go all out to show their partner how much they love them. It can be difficult, though to figure out creative ways to do it every year. Below are 10 ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day in a creative and heartfelt way.

Valentine. Creative Valentine Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend here.

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History and advertising have claimed Valentine's Day as a woman's event, a time for a husband or boyfriend to prove their love and adoration through the gift of candy or flowers. Boyfriends often get the short end of the stick when it comes to this romantic holiday. Make this holiday extra special by showing your boyfriend how important he is to you, and give him a gift he'll love.

Electronics and Accessories

Men and electronics seem to go hand in hand. If your boyfriend has an iPod, consider buying him a gift card for music downloads. Track his favorite music, and buy him a DVD from his favorite band. If he's a movie buff, buy his favorite actor's newest release--or even better, locate a hard-to-find version of a movie your boyfriend would love to own. Phone cases, earphones and any other type of accessory for his favorite gadgets will make your gift a favorite of your boyfriend.

College and Sports Theme Gifts

If you live near your boyfriend's alma mater, consider taking him down memory lane by purchasing tickets to a favorite campus event. If your boyfriend is in high school and has his eye on a certain college after graduation, order a T-shirt or sweats from the college bookstore. For the boyfriend who is a sports fanatic, the choices are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect gift. A throw blanket, a sweat shirt or a hat with his favorite team insignia will ensure a happy reception. Less expensive choices include a keychain, pen or business card case.

Engraved Gifts

For the connoisseur of fine things, buy him a one-of-a-kind engraved gift. A businessman might enjoy a business card case, a pen set or a special set of engraved goblets for use when entertaining. A younger boyfriend might appreciate an engraved ID bracelet, a keychain or a knife. A set of dog tags with both of your names or a special quote will make a long-lasting gift.


If your boyfriend is the type of man who already has everything or prefers to live life in a clutter-free zone, consider making a donation in his name to a favorite charity. Analyze his likes and dislikes before deciding on the right contribution. If he already has a charity he prefers to work with, this gift will be an easy one to put into place. Write him a simple note telling about the gift, and place it in a card. He'll likely treasure the card as much as the thoughtful gift.

Edible Gifts

Most men--whether teen or adult--will happily welcome a homemade gift of food. A tray of brownies, a decorated plate of cookies or a box of hand-dipped chocolates will make his mouth water. If you aren't the baking type, find a local bakery and order a variety of his favorite pastries, a cake or a pie. If your boyfriend is health-conscious and prefers not to eat sweets, put together a special gift basket of healthful items such as muffins, nuts and fresh fruit.


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