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Creative Pizza Advertising Creative Ads

Creative Pizza Advertising Creative Ads Awesome & Creative Pizza Ads Photos. pizza6 Awesome & Creative Pizza Ads Photos. Pizza pizza Awesome & Creative Pizza Ads Photo creative oven ad How cool can a frozen pizza ad be? With creativity, the ad could be hugely experiential.

That peephole ad is awesome, but I’d be all sorts of concerned about people who might take advantage of an unsuspecting person’s peephole. Neat idea, but it would have to be used wisely. Hmmm… so instead of stick ads on your doorknob they cover your peephole so you can’t see who is really at your door later….not so sure about this one.

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1. Pizza Ad: Boxes

No need to just advertise pizza, why not use the pizza box for other ads?

The copy on this pizza box reads, "Problems with insects? Call Dr. Barrata." Once you got to the end of your pizza there was a bug waiting for you!

Source: Ads of the World

In Switzerland, these boxes were distributed by Carlsberg to relevant places during the world cup (Carlsberg is the official sponsor of the Swiss soccer team).

Source: Ads of the World

2. Pizza Ad: At the Door

Instead of putting the ad in or on the pizza box, Papa John's took another approach and attached a mini box and delivery boy (with all of their contact information) to the peep holes of doors of private residences.

Source: Ads of the World


3. Pizza Ad: Cheesy

This cheesy ad was used as a banner from telephone pole to telephone pole.

Source: Ads of the World

Pizza Ad 4. Extra Cheese Please

Another cheesy ad, this time from Pizza Hut.

Using two outdoor ad placements, Pizza Hut stretches their ad from one end of the public transportation stairwell to the other.

Source: Ads of the World

5. Pizza Ad: Doorbell

This frozen pizza brand in Frankfort, uses the tagline: There's a little bit of Italian in everyone, to get their message across.

Source: Ads of the World

6. Hate Late?

Pizza Hut ran this print campaign to promote the on time and quick delivery of their pizza.

Check out the paramedics, the SWAT team and the bride:



Source: Ads of the World

7. Pizza Ad: Before Hungry Gets You!

The following print campaign ran in Dubai to promote Domino's Pizza.

Has hungry ever gotten you?!


Source: Ad Blog Arabia


8. Pizza Ad: A Play on Pizza?

The following ad from Dannon Yogurt, puts a twist and play on the fact of eating pizza. This campaign promoted the idea of "Making the Healthy Choice." What do you think of the use of pizza in this yogurt ad?

Source: Ad Blog Arabia

9. Pizza Ad: Creative Pizza Cutters

Who ever thought cutting your pizza could be such an experience?!

According to trendhunter.com, these Chopper-Motorcycle-Inspired-Pizza- Cutters were designed by artist Frankie Flood. The different styles are named Mantis, Psycho Pizza Cadillac, Easy Rider, Pizza for Life and Phatboy.


Source: Trendhunter

10. Pizza Ad: Would you like condoms with that?

According to trendhunter.com, Domino’s Pizza has launched an initiative targeting the young late-night pizza ordering crowd in France. The “Night Box” (which is actually a Domino’s pizza box with custom design) contains all you need for a party night in: a music CD, a poster, a t-shirt and… a condom!

This limited edition box will be distributed in Domino’s restaurants in France.

Source: Trendhunter


What do you think of these pizza ads? Do you know of any other fun pizza ads from frozen pizza brands? What about any ads that use pizza in them but don't promote a pizza company?


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