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Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 201110 Most expensive gadgets of 2011 cool expensive gadgets top 10 most expensive gadgets Whether you're looking for The Most expensive items, Limited Editions, Yacht, Luxury Watches, Luxury Travel, Supercars, Fashion. Here's the list of top 10 most anticipated gadget  in 2011. Top 10 Most Expensive Cell Phones in the World Here are the list of most.

If you already have a perfectly working games console, mobile phone or iPod/iPhone/iPad, so why buy another model just for the flash finish?Rather, simply send in your trusty model to Goldgenie and have it embellished in 24-carat gold. Prices start from around £90, rising rapidly to £549 for the iPad gold-plating service. Or you can go one step further and embellish your iPhone's bezel with Swarvoski crystals for an eye-watering £850.

Limited Edition Gold Motorola Xoom

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

Motorola made a limited number of these gold Xoom tablets to hand out to the top celebs at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. The super-shiny tablets were made for the hosts and nominees for the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director awards.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

Apple’s iPhone is rich pickings for the bling industry, but this tops the lot as the world’s most expensive, courtesy of Stuart Hughes. The cool £5m tag is down to the precious metals used in its construction: rose gold, and over 500 flawless diamonds, 53 of which make up the Apple logo on the back. Even the main navigation controls oozes expense: constructed from platinum with a single pink rose diamond in the middle. Only two will be made, but the upside? All that genuine bling means it won’t depreciate in value any time soon.

Tinie Tempah’s Gold Mobiles

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

Gold is the look right now, it would seem. Tinie Tempah bagged two Brit Awards earlier this month, and was rewarded for his endeavours with a brace of 22 carat gold-plated Blackberry smartphones, one for each Brit.

Swarovski DJ Headphones

You can achieve a massive improvement in sound quality by spending just a few quid on a decent set of cans. But this is one upgrade that would demand a serious cash investment, with a price tag of £1,799.99 at Firebox.com. What does that wad of cash get you? In this case, a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50 studded with a multitude of Swarovski crystals. Understated? Certainly not, but this is one set of cans guaranteed to get you noticed.

World’s Most Expensive Mouse

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

This Swiss-made mouse is cut from 18-carat white gold and set with 59 brilliant cut diamonds. You can settle for one of two basic designs – Diamond Flower and Scattered Diamond – but seeing as it costs a cool £16,200 from Fabstuff.net you’ll probably want to take advantage of the fact those diamonds can also be set to your own unique design.

Motorola Motopure H12

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

£4,000 will pay for this blingtastic Bluetooth headset from Amosu. At its heart is a Motorola Motopure H12 headset – a little long in the tooth now, but still perfectly functional. But you’re not paying for that: you’re paying for the customization: 18-carat white or yellow gold front covered with nearly 250 brilliant-cut white, pink or black diamonds.

Gold Nintendo Wii

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

Get this straight: this isn’t a Nintendo Wii sprayed with a faux gold paint – this is a Wii that’s been embellished in 24-carat gold, which is why you’re paying Goldgenie £529 for the privilege. Not a fan of the Wii? Gold Genie also sells gold versions of the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS consoles too. It’s the perfect way to up your bling quotient without taking out a second mortgage.

Crystal Dock

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

How about this – an iPod/iPhone dock made out of crystal lead glass. Handcrafted in Slovenia by the artisans at Calypso Crystal, there are four designs available. If your wallet can take the hit, choose the limited edition Aurora Crystal Dock. Only 999 have been made, each sporting a unique look. All Auroras are deep sandblasted, finely polished and then hand painted with platinum, which probably explains why you’ll need to pay €349 to own one.

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

“Bespoke British tailoring” is the name of the game with Continental Mobiles, which is a typically British understated way of telling you they bling phones for a living. The Blackberry Bold 9700 is one such example, with a range of finishes covering platinum, gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds to suit just about every taste and budget. Prices start from £999 for “simple” platinum and 24-carat gold finishes; the Ruby & Diamond model shown here costs a whopping £1,799.

Most-expensive-gadgets. Computer, phone, e-book, clock, stick. Among these electronic devices is a special kind of gadgets you cannot Hercules DJ 4Set announced | Luxury, Tech and Most Expensive Gadget Thumbnails for 11-Jan-2011. Hercules DJ 4Set announced Sennheiser ushers Here is the list of top 10 gadgets to buy in 2011, which has not only Top 10 Most Expensive.

Prestige HD SUPREME Edition

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

What better way to show off your wealth than by purchasing a 55-inch widescreen TV boasting 19kg of 22-carat gold, 48 brilliant cut round diamonds and – ahem – alligator skin? The good news is that the Prestige HD SUPREME Edition is the budget choice in Gold Striker’s TV range, costing a mere £1m. If you have an extra 500K handy, take a look at the Prestige HD SUPREME Rose Edition instead. Your extra dough pays for 28kg of 18-carat rose gold and 72 diamonds – alongside the alligator skin, of course.

Leica M9 Titanium

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

The M9 series claims to be the first digital camera to offer a full-frame CCD sensor capable of perfectly capturing the old 35mm format, but the M9 Titanium isn’t about that. It’s not even about the fact it was designed by Walter de’Silva, better known for his automobile designs. No, it’s all about the fact this camera is made from titanium. This is why only 500 have been made, and why you’ll be asked to pay £19,200 for the privilege of owning one.

Platinum MacBook Air

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

Apple users are used to paying a premium for their products, so what’s £5,495 between friends, particularly when it means your MacBook Air is polished to perfection by Gold Striker and then fully embellished in your choice of finish: Platinum, 24-carat gold or 18-carat rose gold? It’s one way to make you stand out from all those other common-as-muck MacBook Air users, definitely.

Gold and Swarovski Crystal USB Stick

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

One of the tricks of looking well-heeled is not to flash your wealth too much. And a trick of trying to pass yourself off as richer than you are is to choose something that looks like diamond, but isn’t. This is where this relatively understated crystal-laden 4GB USB stick scores on both counts: it looks dapper rather than gash, and it only costs £117.44 from Goldgenie. If that’s too rich, try the 24-carat Gold USB stick instead; that’s a trifling £82.19, you cheapskate.

Vertu Constellation Quest

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

Vertu represents the ultimate in British craftsmanship and engineering. Sure, the phone is constructed from precious metals and stones, but it’s for build quality purposes more than show. Each phone is lovingly hand built by a single individual at the company’s Hampshire base, and they’re responsible for resolving any problems that might occur.

The phone also comes with tailored services, including 140 in-depth and regularly updated city guides and a concierge service (which includes an initial “fitting” of the phone to your exact requirements). Prices start from a trifling £5,000 for the ‘basic’ model, but you can pay £17,200 for a gold finish if you prefer.

Cubical Leopardo Crystallized Swarovski iPhone 4 Case

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

When you want the glitz and sparkle, but re-mortgaging your house isn’t an option, the simplest solution is to opt for Swarovski crystals over diamonds and other gems. £140 will buy you this Cubical Leopardo case, but if it doesn’t turn you on, don’t fret – DSstyles offers a mind-boggling array of glitzy cases covering most popular mobile phones – and if you don’t like any of the designs provided, you can create your own.

Diamond Nokia N95

Most Valuable Bling Gadgets 2011

One of the biggest frustrations with tech is how quickly its value depreciates. Amosu has the perfect remedy for that – take this Nokia N95, for example. The model may be yesterday’s news, but add 27.5g of 18-carat white gold and 675 brilliant-cut diamonds, make sure only 25 are made and charge £27,500 for the privilege. That’s not flashing your wealth; it’s an investment – particularly as Amosu can transfer your diamonds to a new phone at a later date. How cool is that?

Watch the most expensive Super Bowl commercial of 2011 now below. Cars are just expensive Gadgets, that is why we love them. Most Expensive Consumer Cell Phone 2011 | Gadget Look And it's certified as the Most Expensive Cell Phone in the world. The cellphone is made of 18-carat white gold


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