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The Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games of 2011

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games2011 is well and truly underway and as we wave goodbye to a fairly varied year, we look forward to a whole bunch of new video games to get us through to the next firework day. But what games are worth looking forward to? We intend to answer that very question by compiling a list of our most wanted games of 2011. This week, we will be showcasing the most promising games of 2011 with a different console each day. Today, we will go through our PlayStation 3 list. Check back each day this week for PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and DS and finally XBOX 360!

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Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Duke Nukem Forever
2k Games

After almost 14 years in development, it looks like Duke Nukem Forever will finally see light of day in 2011! Will it be good? or will it be overhyped? Time will tell, but at least it’ll see a console release. The story of the game is probably more than enough reasons for you to buy it.

Basically, Duke is playing his own video game whilst having sex with the “Holson Twins” in his “Lady Killer” casino as he waits for his interview to begin on a talk show. As he’s waiting (and playing the game, while having sex), the power goes out. When Duke goes to investigate the outage, a young fan hands him a jetpack for some reason, which he uses to jet to the top of the casino. There’s a giant alien mothership there, presumably kidnapping his various strippers. And so the game begins…

Worth the wait? So far, so good.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Silent Hill: Downpour
Vatra Games

No. We’re not “over” Silent Hill. Sure, there have been some questionable iterations – and the movie was okay – but who can really get over the horror series that made us all crap our pants back in high school?

Downpour is still set in Silent Hill, but it explores the SouthEastern area of the town for the first time. The iconic hospital and/or school are absent, and the game’s story is not connected to the originals in any way. The developers have also mentioned that water will play a prominent role in the game. You’ll also be amused to know that your character will only be using one weapon at a time, and said weapons are prone to breakage.

There’s only one thing we need to fix before this one comes out “sometime” in 2011; the R18+ issue. Sigh.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Mortal Kombat
NetherRealm Studios
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Ed Boon is back! The man who invented the “totally rad” Mortal Kombat series was one of only four people who worked on the original game back in 1991. Since the age of polygonal 3D, the series has taken somewhat of a down turn in terms of awesomeness. Now, however, a brand new development studio headed by Boon, NetherRealm Studios, has been made specifically to bring MK back to it’s roots.

And the game looks mad. The game has been made with the “casual gamer” in mind, simplifying awesome “fatality” moves and other great looking combos. The team have also invested a lot into the story of the game, pointing out that the series’ plot had been largely ignored in previous games in favor of gameplay.

Oh yes – there will also be bucket loads of blood.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Kojima Productions

What happens when you take the immortal stealthy series Metal Gear Solid and merge it with the Havok Physics Engine? You get one of the most frantic “must have” titles of 2011, that’s what.

In Rising, you’ll be controlling Raiden and unlike the other games in the series, Rising will be a fast-paced action title. What’s more, the game is centered around the “cutting”. Cut and take, to be precise. As you power through the levels, you’ll be slicing up cyborgs and robots, taking parts and life from them in awesome style.

Did we mention the game will be rendered in 3D? This will be one of the coolest titles of 2011.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Killzone 3
Guerilla Games
Sony Computer Entertainment

Speaking of cool titles, it doesn’t come much cooler than Killzone 3. Guerilla have taken some of the feedback from Killzone 2 and are implementing some changes into number 3. For a start, the developers are focusing on a more “light-hearted” approach to the story.

With the Beta release well underway, we wont have to wait too long. Killzone 3 will be released at the end of February. The game is also being purpose made for 3D, so there will be lots of eye candy to be had!

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Journey is probably one of the most impressive downloadable titles we’ve seen in a while. If not for gameplay, then atleast visually. Journey is an online game set in a mysterious world. Players can play alone or with others and one of the most interesting aspects is that you will never know who you’re playing with.

The idea is that you wont know who or where the player is – or their age for that matter – but you will know that they’re another human being. This opens up unlimited possibilites. But perhaps the most intriguing thing is the developers are really working hard to replicate the feeling of sand in the game. Your character will slightly sink into the sand, leaving footprints in it’s wake that will gradually be covered due to the wind. Journey looks impressive and we can’t wait to get out hands on it.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Infamous 2
Sucker Punch Productions
Sony Computer Entertainment

Not that I can talk – but what’s with the hero’s names these days? Cole McGrath is back in Infamous 2 this time exploring New Marais, a brand new city. The cool thing about the game is that it seems you can import your earned reputation from the original title, meaning all those hard hours were not in vain.

The team at Sucker Punch are also including motion capture for the character movements and the cut scenes, meaning a more realistic experience is to be had. The open world, mind bending physics-based gameplay is in tact and Infamous 2 sits proudly in our list of most wanted.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

I Am Alive
Ubisoft Shanghai

We loved “Disaster: Day of Crisis” for Wii, despite it’s mixed reception. There’s nothing like a post-disaster survival game to inject pure intensity into our gameplay experience. And that’s exactly what “I Am Alive” hopes to achieve.

After a massive earthquake ruins the city, it’s up to you to keep alive, keep hydrated and save survivors who are trapped under various degrees of rubble. For some reason, there are also enemies – and random citizens will try to take your stuff. The game is set from the first person perspective, and you’ll have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Adding to the excitement is the ability to drive abandoned vehicles – we think Ubisoft is onto a winner.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

The Last Guardian
Team Ico
Sony Computer Entertainment

Let’s see… Young boy? Check. Gigantic, man eating eagle monkey? Check. Looks like we have an “action/adventure” title on our hands.

In The Last Guardian, you control a kid who meets a gigantic half eagle, half something monstrous beast whom you’ll have to take care of. As you progress through the game, you’ll have to use the beast’s nature to solve puzzles. In one example, you may have to get the beast to stand on a specific spot, so you’ll have to throw barrels to gain it’s attention to make it move over. Actions will directly effect Torico’s (that’s the beasts’ name) psychological condition. When you are fighting, for example, Torico may not be able to protect you if there is some kind of psychological conflict.

Anyway, it looks mysterious and cool. An epic in it’s truest form. We’ll have to wait till around December 2011 to play it, though.

Most Wanted PlayStation 3 Games

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Naughty Dog
Sony Computer Entertainment

Had you worried for a moment there, didn’t we? What kind of PlayStation list would this be without mention of Uncharted 3? An oddly characteristic list, that’s what.

But regardless, we added it in. Because it looks sweet. Drake is back and will be forced to explore real-world locations such as the Rub’al Khali desert in search of the legendary and arguably generic “Lost City”. The gameplay has been revamped to include some new moves, better enemy AI and realistic environments. But the icing on the cake?

You guessed it – 3D. Another late release, though – we’ll be waiting until November 2011 to play this one. From what we’ve seen already, it may well be worth the wait.

That’s our list for PlayStation 3 Most Wanted of 2011! Tomorrow, we’ll be bringing you our list of most wanted PSP games of 2011. Don’t forget to check back every day this week as we present our most wanted from Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS and finally, PC

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