Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Most Favorite Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen GadgetsWhen you think of kitchen gadgets, you may be thinking of the latest as seen on TV infomercial that you watched last night. This is not what I think of when I read this term. It makes me think about the small items and appliances that I could just not live without in my world. Yes, I said it. There are kitchen gadgets that I would not want to live without. At one point in my life, I went from being a person who only used that "spare" room in the apartment to keep beer cold. Since having a little one, my cooking abilities have had to grow. This means that I have need of more items to cook with. These are just some of my favorite must haves that I think everyone should look into purchasing.

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Must Have Kitchen Gadgets: 1

This is a newer purchase that I do not know why I did not get sooner. It is the Britta 10 cup Water Filter Pitcher. I have been trying to lose weight and to be healthier for ages now. I also try to live on a modest budget. This is why it makes no sense that I used to buy bottles of water every week to help me on this goal. It was wasted money. I bought my water filter pitcher and have found that it is one of the best investments that I have made. The 10 cup size makes it ideal for the fact that I like to drink a lot of water through the course of the day. It is saving me money every time that I go to the store and do not have to purchase those over priced bottles.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets: 2

I am a caffeine addict. There you go I admitted it and that is the first step right? I have no plans of giving up caffeine, but I have found a couple of wonderful kitchen gadgets that help me to save money on it. The first is that my coffee pot is a basic 12 cup Mr Coffee that has a clock. There is no fancy bells and whistles on my version. It makes a pot of coffee and turns off in a couple of hours. That is all that anyone really needs. I have walked into homes where the coffee pot looked like it was going to take over the world like those machines in the sci fi movies. A simple white 12 cup Mr Coffee is the perfect answer and very reasonably priced.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets: 3

My other kitchen gadget for my caffeine addiction is my Mr Coffee 3 quart Ice Tea Maker. This is another area where people spend way too much money buying the stuff in the stores. A gallon jug of even the store brand of ice tea can run you a couple of bucks. You can brew 3 quarts of ice tea for pennies. It even tastes better then what you get at the store.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets: 4

So far all of my must have kitchen gadgets have been appliances. There is more to your needs then just the electrical. When I started cooking, I realized that one of the most important things that I needed was a good collection of non stick cookie sheets. At the time, I was not looking to bake cookies. I use these versatile sheets for everything from pizza and chicken nuggets to roasting vegetables for dinner. You can also use them for baking if you are so inclined.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets: 5

A collection of wooden spoons is a must especially if you are just setting up your first cooking area. You will grab for these anytime that you need to stir something. The reason that wooden is often the first choice is that they will not get hot and therefor burn you. It is a good idea to have a few of them so that when one is dirty and in the dishwasher, you will still have a couple to work with.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets: 6

This may not sound like a kitchen gadget but it truthfully can be a lifesaver. You need to have a step stool. It does not matter how tall or short that you are, there are going to be areas of your kitchen that you will just not be able to reach. Pulling over a chair so that you can reach into the back of cabinets is a dangerous thing to do. If you find a step stool that folds up small, you can easily store it in a corner and out of the way until it is needed.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets: 7

If you are going to do any cooking, then having a way to cool items before you burn a hole through your table or table cloth is important. A couple metal trivets that will keep those hot dishes off your table can be great. One of the best meals to cook is a one pot casserole. You can serve in the dish that you make the meal in. This is great for clean up but can be dangerous for your table. By placing a metal trivet under it, you will save your table and still enjoy the benefits of doing a one pot meal.

This is just a list of some of the must have kitchen gadgets that I have come to love. I am always on the look out for the next item that I will wonder how I ever lived without. And just remember, as your life changes so will your needs when it comes to cooking. Before having a child, I would have never worried about good ways to cook chicken nuggets. So keep your eyes and ears open to what others are talking about when it comes to what helps them to cook.

What's on the kitchen gadgets horizon for me? I have just purchased an indoor grill and will be giving it a whirl. Living in an apartment means not outside grilling so I am looking to make this a new part of my cooking. Whats on the horizon for you?

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