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How To Track Your iPad/iPhone/iPod’s Location?

How To Track Your iPad/iPhone/iPod’s Location?GadgetTrak provides proven theft recovery solutions for a wide range of portable devices including cell phones, PDAs, removable media devices iPodS. ActiveTrak has announced the release of GadgetTrak 2.5, a new version of its theft recovery software for iOS. The update is available for download from the App Store, and the app costs 99 cents. Tracking data is transmitted over a secure SSL connection and you can even use  GadgetTrak to protect your Mac and Windows laptops visit from your device or use the in-app button to setup the tracking.

How To Track Your iPad/iPhone/iPod’s Location?

The GadgetTrak iOS application has been updated and released in to the iTunes Store and allows you to track the location of your iOS devices. GadgetTrak silently reports its location and senses when your iPhone or iPad has significantly changed its location and the GadgetTrak server keeps track of where your phone has been.

With all of the photos, contacts, apps and music on your iPhone, losing it would be a massive pain. Unfortunately, that pain is felt by thousands of smartphone users every day. Ask them—they wish they'd had GadgetTrak installed.

When your device is missing, log into your account using any web browser and enable tracking immediately. GadgetTrak will spring to life and generate location reports, including map points, longitude & latitude and IP address to help you pinpoint your lost device. It can even snap photos of the thief!
For extra security, enable the "Deleting Apps" restriction in Settings App->General->Restrictions. This will keep the thief from deleting GadgetTrak (and any other apps).

But dont forget the application has to be activated before it can start tracking your iPhone or iPad and when it is activated your battery will use more juice than normal.



Location Tracking

If your device has GPS capability it will be used by GadgetTrak to get the most accurate location possible. Even without GPS, GadgetTrak can use cell towers and/or advanced Wi-Fi positioning technology to pinpoint the location of your device usually within a few meters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease battery life. For better battery performance, deactivate tracking until the device is lost. The GadgetTrak app does not use GPS and will not impact battery life when tracking is disabled (even if the Navigation icon appears).

Push Notifications

GadgetTrak automatically sends a discrete message to your device, enticing the thief to initiate a tracking report.

Camera Reports

Snap a photo with the built in camera(s) to collect crucial evidence to help Police catch the thief. (available for iOS devices with at least one built-in camera, additional in-app purchase required)

GadgetTrak for iOS is part of a suite of products available for a variety of platforms including Mac OS X and iOS. The software enables you to track and recover devices that hve been lost or stolen. New to the 2.5 release of GadgetTrak for iOS is support for cameras. If your iOS device has a built-in camera – such as an iPhone or iPod touch – GadgetTrak will snap photos to help you ad the police identify the thief and location where the device is. The photo can now be attached to an e-mail; the e-mail also includes location information.

Additional Features

• Locate your device using GPS, cell tower triangulation, and/or WiFi positioning
• Location reports posted to the web control panel at
• Location history to know where your phone has been
• Automatic push notifications
• Camera support for the front and rear-facing camera (in-app purchase required)
• Secure SSL connection for transmitting location data & photos
• Cross Platform: GadgetTrak has apps to protect your laptop (Mac & Windows) as well as Android and BlackBerry phones and tablets.

Need Help?

Download the GadgetTrak iOS Installation & Usage Manual here:

We take pride in providing great support for all of our products. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback let us know and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible:

What's new

• Remotely capture a photo with all built-in cameras, then email it to yourself to help catch the thief! (via a one-time In-App Purchase)
• Push notifications – Send a discrete message to your device enticing the the person who has it to initiate a tracking event.
• Various Bug Fixes.

GadgetTrak now being offered with select warranty plans ActiveTrak has announced that its GadgetTrak Laptop 3 software is now being bundled We contacted GadgetTrak and they sent us all the information we needed to recover the iPod. Luckily it was not necessary to go to the police.

System Requirement
  • Requires iOS 4 or higher
  • Background processing only supported on iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 3rd generation or newer


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