Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Top 5 Best Android Apps for Journalists

Best Android Apps for JournalistsTop 5 Best Android Apps for Journalists  Top 5 Free Android Apps For Journalists from ahlidesaindotcom talking babsy baby android · real one player beta for xperia x10 · top15 android games 2011 Nexus One of Google is, HTC’s incredible, Motorola, Droid HTC Smartphone’s like the monster comes with Ellis in the pocket of your X – The droid, iPhone smooth and lacks the smooth appearance powerful mobile devices that can be. Both exploit the current iPhone and live video streaming and truly non-aligned magnetic field as well. Without so hard to talk, here are the best android applications for Android mobile journalists.

Best Android Apps for Journalists


Five years ago, the live broadcast of the video cost thousands of dollars. Ustream applications can be sent to the video stream from camera phone users to inform their audience about the situation. Work is a great country fixed emissions. According to the resolution of the video object can be pixilated and blurred.

2. Ipadio

Preparing for another term is good? what I think is not naughty dog. This application server can store ipadio live recording of a 60-minute “radio” show, broadcast to start their own blogs and mobile phones.

3. Seesmic on Twitter

Hootsuite Android until you decide to work on, Seesmic is my favorite mobile Twitter app. This is a simple, clean and accurate.

4. vRecorder

I have success using my Droid Eris native voice recorders, call recording your luck in a telephone interview. VRecorder, you have this capability now, but worth a try is a free application, I would be better sound quality when recording the conversation.

5. PdaNet

I still get sweaty PdaNet said, the laptop / mobile phone connected to a 3G network, so we can get excited about applications where Internet access is not wireless options. I drugstores, the total supply network – Fi to get back online in is to use this app, and brother Austin, Texas, ranch in a trailer outside of the pharmacist in New Mexico, this test . It is on the beach, now you know this blog


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