Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 reason why android beter than google chrome

5 reason why android beter than google chromeGoogle’s Chrome OS Notebook is based on concepts of Pollyannaish but its much stupid idea. As that product was used for perfect networking and fast wireless connection, which you can’t find in USA today. If Google has the best OS Android with it, then what is the issue to use Chrome OS. No doubt, Chrome OS Cr-48 has nice reliable networking and cool functioning very similar to old Linux-based computers. But they have failed too due to malware and viruses attacks. Chrome Cr-48 have the same problems, that is why Android is superior to Chrome.

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5 reason why android beter than google chrome
1. Unreliable Wireless networks

You want your network in perfect working condition whatever the place is. Whether you are on airport where Wi-Fi doesn’t work good, in building basements where networks are too slow and drowsy, or you are on public Wi-Fi hotspot where security is unavailable.

Android developers know these conditions that’s why they have created most of the Android apps in offline modes. while reading news, enjoying videos or playing games, your Android will never let you down.

2. “Living In a Cloud”

For Chrome OS users, there is only 100MB per month free Verizon Wireless. Any kind of limit is just unbearable for people. A normal working person can use a 100-150 MB internet in a day on his Laptop/Smartphone. So what you can do with so-called “huge” 100MB on Chrome OS. The boundaries were never been welcomed by us, and its intolerable in Internet World specially. Android user can use a lot of internet and they can also download other browsers like Opera or SkyFire too, which Chrome OS user can’t.

3. Web technologies, especially games

Using Chrome OS net-tops, you always can use simple easy and weak-sauce flash games. You can’t enjoy extra-ordinary featured games. The same conditions was faced by Palm and iPhone in their starting year. But gradually they built their own developers programs like SDKPDK respectively. Android also has the NDK for its games developers. Chrome can be rated lower than a low featured Smartphone.

4. Android’s Honeycomb Version

In past, Android powered laptops were failed due to some screen size and input issues. As the Android apps were not designed for larger keyboards and screens. But the latest version of Android called Honeycomb has much improved features. Its a lot better than the past versions. As compared to Chrome, Honeycomb has a bigger ecosystem, and a lot more programming that Chrome doesn’t possess.

5. Chrome is not an OS

If you compare the Chrome and Android, you can see that Android can run Chrome easily but Chrome can run nothing but itself. So in real sense, Chrome is just an app not a complete OS. On the other hand, Android is a complete system who can run whatever you want to run on an OS.

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